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Hand-made custom dolls by Nathalie Amiel

My book is out this October 2022

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Want to crochet your very own personalized dolls? Find all the patterns, tips and tricks you need in this special mix and match crochet pattern book.

There are step-by-step instructions and photographs on how to make this colourful collection and create an endless variety of dolls to represent the special people in your life. There is a pattern for a doll with Down’s syndrome and a doll with vitiligo, as well as a doll with prosthetic limbs; crutches; leg braces; hearing aids; feeding tubes and eyeglasses.

Patricia Wiilocq under picture in small

Photograph by Patricia Wiilocq

1 doll=1 life saving skin test

By purchasing a Nathalie Amiel doll we will be able to provide life saving care and supplies for a child suffering from Albinism

Every doll = 1 Emergency birth kit

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