About Me

nathalie amiel

Hi, I'm Nathalie Amiel

I’m an artist and stay-at-home mommy of six beautiful children. I’ve been crocheting, knitting, and crafting for as long as I can remember.

It was my oldest son who introduced me to social media and the endless possibilities and opportunities that come with it. While discovering the different ‘aspects’ I also felt there was a need to create dolls that are unique and different, just as we all are. I believe every single person deserves to be represented.

Over the past 5 years, I have made thousands of precious dolls, they have traveled around the world to reach their destinations and bring love and hugs to their new friends. I specialize in creating look-alike dolls and make sure to capture everyone’s specific spirit and character, taking extra care when I create dolls for people with special needs because I know this will be the only time they will find a doll that looks just like them.

Many Miles of Yarn...

Each doll takes at least 12 hours, many miles of yarn, and thousands of loving stitches to create. All fabrics and materials are carefully chosen by me, to ensure an heirloom quality product that can be cherished for years and generations to come.

For a really long time I have been dreaming about reaching out even more and I finally succeeded in making this dream come true. I’ve found the most wonderful organization; UNFPA, who believe that women’s rights are human rights. They believe that no woman should die while giving life and provide help in over 155 countries worldwide. I’ve established a collaboration with UNFPA that ensures that every doll I create will be able to provide a birthing kit for a woman or young girl.

Every one of my creations is made with so much love and joy, care and warmth and attention to the smallest details. I feel so grateful for the wonderful opportunity I have to reach out and share my precious creations with the world.

With each purchase, you help me help women around the world

Every day, 808 women needlessly die from preventable complications related pregnancy and childbirth. Over half of these women live in humanitarian settings, where an emergency birth kit could save their life and the life of their child. 

I have teamed up with Friends of UNFPA, the official nonprofit for UNFPA (the United Nations reproductive health agency) to donate emergency birth kits and help end this tragedy. As a mother of six children, I know how important it was for me to have access to prenatal and safe delivery care. UNFPA works to ensure that every woman can also safely delivery their baby.   

When you purchase a Nathalie Amiel heirloom doll you are donating one birthing kit and saving two lives: that of the mother and her newborn baby.

Thank you for helping me make this work possible.

What do the kits contain?

The kits contain items like gloves, a tarp, soap, a blanket and a razor so pregnant women can give birth in the most extreme circumstances. Women who have used these kits sometimes live days away from a maternity clinic. They might go into labor during a natural disaster, like a hurricane or earthquake. Some women are even fleeing from conflict when they give birth.  

Whatever their circumstances, I believe that women should be able to have their babies safely. UNFPA works to make this a reality.  

Visit friendsofunfpa.org to learn more about how you can help.